A running which gets ready within the group!

Semi-marathon on May 22, 2016













18 August 2015

The sports current event of certain employees of Eiffage intensifies, less than a year before the race of the viaduct…

From the 100 km to the marathon of Dakar
Stéphane Martineau, 43 years old, is a sustainability officer at APRR. "I run for 15 years, but made only three marathons until now. I improve my endurance by practicing mountain biking, and prepare the 100 km of Millau, which take place in September. I also hope to participate in the marathon of Dakar, organized by Eiffage Senegal in February 2016.”

The pleasure of sport and contact
Isabelle Bernard is a secretary in the IT department. Adherent for three years at the sports club Furets d’Eiffage, she participated enthusiastically in the training course organized last January in Senegal: "Our group was leaving each morning for 12 km through the bush, baobabs ... We stopped in villages to interact with the locals. Pure happiness! "

Between competition and human adventure
Julien Harson is 29, he’s a corporate lawyer to the HRD within the Group Eiffage. He participates in 15 to 75 km races, including the mythical SaintéLyon. "In Senegal, with the most experienced riders, I followed the training and appreciated the human dimension of the internship: the “Furets d’Eiffage” organized a sports afternoon for children. 500 to 600 kids came from the surrounding villages. They all left happy, with diplomas.”

A running which gets ready within the group!