A festive atmosphere!

Semi-marathon on May 22, 2016













To access the start area easily, every runner needs to know his/her wave colour.
For spectators, there are free stands opposite the finish line.

Coureurs sur le départ

Starting points

he start line is at the lower end of Boulevard de l’Ayrolle, in Millau, Aveyron (12).
To reach the start area from where you have parked or from where you are staying, you can walk along the pavements of the boulevard around the starting points. After 7:15 am, there will be no access from the lower end of the boulevard (Rue Louis Blanc and Place Frédéric Bompaire).
Have a look at our information on stress-free driving and parking.
So that the race can begin under the best conditions, we invite you to join one of the starting points that have been set up for the various levels.

Left luggage | Cloakroom

A left luggage office is available free of charge in the Millau community hall (Salle des Fêtes), in the Parc de la Victoire, from Sunday morning.
Please note that it takes approximately 20 minutes to return to Boulevard de l’Ayrolle (allow extra time if you need to get to one of the first two waves).


The finish area is in the Parc de la Victoire, on Avenue Charles de Gaulle.
You will be given a finisher’s bag and refreshments once your chip has been returned.
The Exhibitors’ Village can be found at the back of the park in the spacious community hall.
For spectators, there are free stands opposite the finish line, just a 15-minute walk from the start line.

Support them

If you want to enjoy the music and feel the emotion at the start of the race, cheer the arrival of the best runners and encourage the stragglers, go to the dedicated areas for supporters and spectators!


We are always looking for ways of improving our organisation of the race. Do you have any suggestions? Please use the contact form contact form to tell us about them!