The equipment : choose carefully !

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15 Novembre 2021

[Tips from the pro]… to run with the good outfit
Cédric, from Sport 2000 Millau

At this time, superimposing the layers is the base. We suggest you to wear :

  • A first thermal coating, in contact with the skin, made with synthetic materials or Merino wool for natural fibres lovers (cotton is outlawed, even for vintage fans !)
  • A second coating, to strengthen thermical protection
  • A protection from wind and/or rain, that can be easily tidy

Don’t forget, of course, to protect your head and hands, if necessary.
Prioritize long leg straps : at low temperature, they preserve muscle groups from injuries.

It’s important to start training being a little cold : after the first 10 minutes, you will be at the right temperature without sweating or being forced to stop to remove a coating.

The day of the Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau en Aveyron, winter will be over ! Short sleeves will be there…normally !
Still, plan a light jacket for waiting on the starting line and for crossing the viaduct : you will be there in the open air… at 245 m from the ground !
Forearm sleeves could also be useful. You will just have to lower it once you will be warm enough.
For the legs, prioritize short, ideal for performance.


Good preparation to everyone, and see you soon on the viaduct !


The equipment : choose carefully !