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05 Décembre 2017

Martine started running around 18 with the father physiotherapist of a friend, who organized jogging during the weekend with his patients. Quickly she was fascinated by this discipline, and discovered the pleasure to share strong moments with other runners.

But Martine is, above all, a mom of twins girls: Sonia and Marion. In 2012, they celebrated their 18th birthday three days before the race! This year, Sonia set 3 targets: obtain her Bachelor, pick up her driving licence and participate to the Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau. Of course Martine decided to run with her and to encourage her in this challenge. At that time, Sonia was in a boarding school in Rodez. Mother and daughter find themselves at the weekend to train together, and to motivate each other.

Marion, as for her, is not enough trained to take the departure with them. She waits for them on the Rest Area where she volunteers. A moving encounter which persuades her to train in order to run the following race with her mother.

For Martine running is a tale of shared moments ; she is running roams with her daughters, with her husband, and even with her neighbor and friend Michèle. In 2012 she also participated at the race with her daughter Alice, and remembered « have met runners who drank the champagne on the viaduct. It was such a party with a lot of disguised runners. ».  Since this experience Alice share a common passion with her mom, and has recently ended the Toulouse Marathon in only 4 hours.


Take up a challenge together